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    Welcome to the wonderful world of structured water!

    LTI Water Enhancement Technology (LIWET) changes the structure of water and enhances the inherent functions of any type of water whether city water, well, river, lake and even sea water. It is the consistent agitation of our special ceramic beads that are made from 100% natural ores in quality stainless steel units that create amazing results for people, plants and animals.


    LTIWET's micro-clustered hydrogen rich alkaline water has an antioxidant effect that kills germs, bacteria, E.coli and other toxic substances. After bathing in the water you feel soft, moisturized and clean even when the source is hard water. People love the taste and the way the water makes them feel saying it helps calm nerves, alleviate migraines and also: 


    - Increases energy

    - Better sleep and relieves insomnia

    - Controlled blood pressure

    - Weight management

    - Strengthens immunity

    - Restores PH balance


    LTIWET's significantly high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) of the ceramic beads which is created by the constant agitation of our ceramic beads, causes a thermoelectric current that creates a positive charge to the water. We deionize the minerals in water which absorbs impurities, pesticides, residue, and other substances making the water clear and taste great. The surface tension of the water is significantly reduced and the particles become very tiny so that it the water absorbs into cells easily. The water also: 


    - Preserves food and stops oxidation

    - Has a cleansing effect so less detergent or soaps are required for washing clothes or dishes.

    - Deodorizes when water is sprayed on bad odor.

    - Moisturizes skin

    - Hydrates body with less water

    - Provides many benefits to pets and livestock


    Industrial LIWET can remove scale or slime in water extremely efficiently and save the cost of chemicals to clean up the cooling tower. The use of LIWET can also extend the longevity of pipes since LIWET by removing build up.


    * LIWET is NOT water treatment nor water purification but the technology to enhance the functions of water by changing the structure of the water.


    LIWET has been fully proven by Plant Science Inc., Pacific Ag research, University of California/ School of Davis, Fresno University ( USA ) Miyazaki University, Kochi University ( Japan )

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